What do you crave? What one thing can you not live without once it crosses your mind? Is it a milkshake? A song you just have to hear? Crawling into that college sweatshirt you just can’t bring yourself to throw away?

Cravings and desires are important. They are signals to what is vital to us, and what is dangerous for us. The things we are passionate about do not define us, necessarily. But they do paint a picture.

My picture is changing. The colors are becoming more vibrant, bolder. I’ve been the introverted nerd for so long it feels strange to see in such rich colors. Being passionate about things is something I’m still getting used to.

I’m discovering that my cravings are changing. Some things are still on my list, but there are some new things, too.

So what cravings are on my list? Let’s see:
Music I can sing along with
Cooking dinner for family and friends
The scent of fresh laundry
Wind in my hair as I drive too fast
Words, all words, written and otherwise
Honesty from the people I care about
A sexy voice in my ear
A caress from someone who understands me
Laughter and joy and passion

I don’t think I could live without these things. Some things are easier to acquire than others. The harder it is to achieve some things, the more you appreciate them when you get them. However, you have to be careful not to hold on too tightly. If we are meant to have these things that vex us so, they will come to us when the time is right. That doesn’t make the desire any less. I keep seeing the Corvette I want and can’t have right now. But I know I will appreciate it more when I do get it. I’ve already found the perfect heels to wear when I drive it.


One thought on “Cravings”

  1. Becca … All that you crave, Desire, Want, and need is ahead of you. Life, Living it and enjoyment is before you … Just reach out your hand and ‘take’ it!.You can achieve whatever in life you want. Sometimes not just when you want it, but it will come. I know, cause it happened to me! … Hugs, Alan ( sparky0602 )

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