Ever have a conversation with yourself? Anyone see you do it? Got a lot of funny looks didn’t you? Sometimes it’s not easy to have a conversation with just one person. Even the most solitary of people sometimes need the contact of another person. Conversations, like relationships, take some effort. They are not always convenient. Getting a loaf of bread at the gas station is convenient.

Relationships are not supposed to be convenient. They require effort on both sides. It makes no difference what kind of relationship it is, you still have to work at it to make it work. Even online relationships take effort from everyone involved. Effort and honesty are essential to any relationship, online or in person.

It’s not a game of ‘kinda.’ You can’t be kinda pregnant. I can’t kinda be your friend. If I’m your friend, guess what? You might as well be here for dinner everynight because my friends are my family. I have friends I love more than some of my relatives. But I also have friends who vex me to no end. One of my oldest girlfriends, who was my bridesmaid, I haven’t heard from in almost 6 months. I’ve known her for almost 20 years. Another girlfriend I’ve known just as long hasn’t spoken to me in over 2 years. It’s hard to be someone’s friend when they won’t talk to you.

You can’t be someone’s friend when it’s convenient. A friend is not just a booty call. Don’t be my friend just when it suits you. A real friend is there anytime you need them. Whether it’s an important issue or just to shoot the breeze, a friend is always available. We all know that life happens. But we can’t get so caught up in our own little realities that we ignore those around us who care about us. We all need to feel needed and appreciated. We all want to feel loved and respected. We all need that contact with someone else, be it physical, mental or emotional. I don’t ask more from my friends than I’m willing to give. Even if you don’t think I can help with whatever has put a burr up your ass, call me. Even if it’s not the most convenient time for me, I’m still available for that conversation. You never know. I just might be the answer you’re looking for.


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