How well do you stay focused? Can you multi-task or do you have to do one thing at a time? What distracts you? The kids, the dog, phone calls? These are small distractions, easily dealt with. I’m talking about the big distractions. Things you simply can not ignore. A child’s laughter, a friend’s tears, the sound of your lover’s voice. These are things that stir the soul, things you can’t turn away from no matter how hard you try.

Sometimes we need the big distractions, just like sleep. We get so tied down to the daily grind that we can’t focus on what’s happening inside us or around us. Sleep allows us to subconsciously work through our issues in our dreams. Distractions do basically the same thing. Every now and then we just need to focus on something different, to block out whatever pain or stress is making us miserable. Then when we go back to that issue, we realize it’s not as stressful or painful as we thought. We can look at the situation more objectively and see how to work through or around the obstacles. Or we may realize that we’ve gotten over that pain that seemed to consume us.

I have learned to appreciate these distractions. Learning from the experiences we have is how we grow. I have a lot to learn still. And I look forward to the journey, no matter how happy or sad, how painful or pleasurable, how stressful or joyous it happens to be. I’m making new friends, trying new things, finding new distractions. I hope everyone tags along for the ride.


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