Let’s Play A Game….

What kind of games do you play? Cards, board games, touch football on Saturdays, ultimate Frisbee? Ever play cat-and-mouse? Chase and be chased. It can be a very interesting game, but both players have to be willing to play both the cat and the mouse. There has to be equal time on the playing field. Sometimes the Mouse has to be willing to be caught and Cat has to be willing to be chased.

I don’t mind playing the Cat. Chasing can be fun, especially if Mouse knows how to play his part. But it can also be tiring when you’re always on the hunt. I do enjoy being the Mouse. Mouse gets to tease and then hide to see what reaction occurs. Although, I’m finding the new me is more aggressive than I thought. This makes it difficult to play Mouse. It’s hard to be patient when Cat is not chasing; and I know he wants to chase, but he likes playing Mouse even better. But I’m not the kind of woman to pursue endlessly and never catch my prey. Sometimes you just have to let yourself get caught.

Playing Mouse can be quite entertaining. If Cat is on the hunt and he knows what he wants, it’s nice to be shown that I have what he’s looking for. But if you’re going to pursue me, have the cojones to keep up the chase. Don’t tease me unless you mean it. Like with any relationship, it’s a matter of give and take. One more thing to remember, If you’re playing Mouse to my Cat, you better already know if you want to be caught or not.

I like playing games. And I really like to win.


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