It’s Halloween! Well, more accurately, it’s All Hallow’s Eve! Did you know that it is an American tradition to dress up in costumes? And the first actual jack-o-lanterns were turnips, not pumpkins. The holiday did not start out with little kids dressed up like Batman and Jason. And it sure as hell did not start out as a way for Brach’s, Hallmark and Wal-Mart to make money. To appreciate a holiday ( forgive me for this one) you have to look at the reason behind the season. It’s not about commercialism. All Hallow’s Eve is about tomorrow, All Saint’s Day, and the next, Day of the Dead. Days to recognize and remember those who went before us. It’s the end of summer, a time to rejoice in the harvest. A time to make changes in preparation for winter. It’s a time to celebrate the earth and what she gives us.

So go ahead and dress up, hand out candy to the neighbors’ kids. I’m going to celebrate my favorite holiday doing one of my favorite things. I’m going to make cookies and go play poker.

Happy Halloween!


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