Smoke ’em if you got ’em…

I don’t smoke. Never have and with my allergies I never will. But sometimes I need that smoke break. That extra ten minutes somebody will take to just go breathe. The last couple of weeks have been very stressful for me for a lot of reasons. I have the day off today, Wednesday, which is also my chat group day. My plan for today was not to update my blog, but that’s okay. My plan was to not do a damn thing. I haven’t started my laundry yet. I haven’t painted my nails yet. I did sweep the leaves off the carport and I took my aunt to lunch.

It can be very tiring to try to be everyone’s fix-it person. Hell, it wears me out to be a friend sometimes. Missing someone makes you tired and grumpy, too. I’m missing several people at one time, so that doesn’t help. And of course there is the commercial fiasco of the holidays. Ever notice how depressing a Wal-Mart can be? I haven’t felt like chatting with friends other than a select couple of people. Yes, I know winter is coming, but I’m usually happy about that.
I just needed a break.

I’m going to make Christmas ornaments this afternoon. I haven’t been crafty in a while and I miss it. I read some last night when I got home from poker. Been a week or so since I read anything other than mail. That was nice too. Sometimes I just need to vegetate. I haven’t even answered my phone today. I got out in the sunshine and the wind and drove around a bit. I needed to recharge my batteries. Still not at full capacity but I’m getting there. I have vacation time coming after the first of the year. I definitely foresee a beach in my future.


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