The Possibilities are Endless

Writers like to play a game called What If. It’s a fun way to brainstorm ideas for new stories. Some writers use it to push through writer’s block or to figure out what a character would do in a tough situation. What If can be a very useful tool for a writer.

What If can also be applied to real life. You come to a crossroads and stop, looking at the choices before you. What if you turn right? What if you go straight ahead?

Let’s say you meet someone new. What if he asks you out? What if he kisses you on your doorstep? What if you ask him to come in for coffee?

Or, you are already in a relationship. What if we move in together? What if he snores? Wht if the kids don’t like me? What if he hogs all the closet space?

We use What If everyday. Every time we make a decision to do one thing over another we play the game. What If opens up endless possibilities for every situation.

What if I get that promotion? What if I ask him to move to another state to be with me? What if I get my brother a pink tutu for Christmas? All of these questions involve a decision, a possible outcome of circumstances. And everytime we make a choice, we influence the next one. What if my brother really wears a pink tutu while cooking lasagna? What if the purple tutu would have looked better with his tattoos?

We have an endless supply of choices. The key is not being afraid to make a choice. I’m discovering that I like the idea of never passing up an opportunity. I never know what the next moment will bring.

I say What If, and watch to see how many doors open.


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