Road Blocks

Do you consider yourself a positive person? Do you know someone who is always negative? The way we approach life is very important to how events play out. There are two ways to approach situations: with a closed fist, or with an open palm.

If you approach new or old situations with a closed fist, you are setting yourself up to fail. A closed fist is very aggressive, very negative, unavailable and unapproachable. This type of person is never truly happy. He/She will encounter lots of obstacles in life, many of which he/she will have put there. Even reasonably intelligent people set up road blocks in their lives. Most don’t realize they do it. When you clench your fist, you tighten up on whatever is in your hand. It can’t go anywhere. Nothing will escape you, but nothing new will get in, either.

If your hand is open in front of you, you are ready to receive whatever life has to offer. An open hand makes you ready for new friends, new adventures, new experiences. You can’t be happy with things until you let go of the baggage you’re holding and open your hand, your mind and your heart. You are more likely to get what you want in life when you approach it with open palms.

You have to be able to find the positive in all things. A closed fist does not let the positive get through. Open your hands to receive and life is much sweeter.


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