Regroup and Recharge

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted a new blog in a while. The day job has gone haywire and I’m trying to keep up. Things are starting to fall into place for that part of my life. I’m almost to the point I should be. I’ve been travelling off and on for the last 3 weeks. I don’t have a problem with it, it just makes me tired. I’m back to my normal schedule this week so I’m taking some time to regroup. My to-do list is still a half-mile long, but more of what’s on it is all mine.

Regrouping for me is also recharging. You can’t run the batteries down and expect your toys to still play. Energy has to be replenished. This means I’m going to make more time to meditate and light my candles. I’ll get back on schedule with the Tai Chi I practice. And hopefully I’ll find some time to finally do my nails. I will also work damn hard to make some writing time. I need to write to purge the baggage that builds up from everyday contact with people. Most of it is easy to slough off. Some people leave you wanting to go wash your hands. Those are the people I have to meditate to get rid of.

On the flip side of that are the people that help me recharge. A few of my friends have the kind of energy that makes me feel better when I talk to them, even if we don’t talk about anything more important than which Nick Cage movie we like best. Sometimes we don’t even have to talk, just listening to them breathe and knowing they care enough to be on the other end of the line listening to me breathe is enough. We all need friends like that. I’m glad I have a few. If you have a friend or two like that, let them know you appreciate them. Life is too short and chaotic to go through it without friends.


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