Will you be my Valentine?

What is this holiday about? Hallmark cards and chocolate? Singing stuffed animals? Cheesy lingerie you won’t wear again until next year? Take a few minutes to look and you will see that the event began as a pagan festival in Roman times called Lupercalia. It was three days in February to release evil spirits and make room for health and fertility through nude dancing and drinking. Doesn’t sound so bad. So how in hell did we end up with chocolate hearts and stuffed dogs singing Love Machine?

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, take some time this weekend to think about what it really means to you. A chance to celebrate your relationship? To show your appreciation to your partner for all they do? At the root of the modern version of this day, what does love mean to you? This is not the easiest question to answer. I think I need to make a list:

1. knowing when to say you’re sorry
2. knowing when to say nothing at all
3. saying everything with a single touch
4. being supportive even when you know they’re doing something wrong
5. having the cahones to tell them they’re wrong
6. having the strength to stand together
7. being able to admit when they’re right
8. knowing that no matter how bad it may look, you’ll get through it together
9. knowing that anything worth having is worth fighting to keep

Think about it. Make your own list. Maybe you need to change the way you celebrate. If you do decide to dance naked in honor of Lupercus, stay sober enough to enjoy it.


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