Matters of Principle

I recently blogged about not procrastinating. I have been debating with myself lately, not to mention my aunt and a good friend, about filing the divorce papers. After a LOT of thinking, I’ve conceded once again that they are right. If the Ex wants a divorce, let him pay for it. I originally thought that I just wanted to get it over with, get some closure. But why should I have to pay him to leave? He wanted this separation. He wanted to throw away 14 years. He wanted to spend time with a woman twice his age.

My ties to him have been cut as cleanly as they can be. I haven’t been seeing other people because “technically” I’m still married. But you know what? To hell with all of it. Why should I put my life on hold anymore? Why should I wait for him to do something? There is no reason for me to contest the divorce when it happens. And right now, there is no big reason to get it done. I’m not rushing to get married again. So as a matter of principle, I am not filing the divorce the papers.

I haven’t been seeing anyone, but I have played some Cat and Mouse. I’ve blogged on that also. I said that you have to play both sides. One person can’t be the only one doing the chasing. If you want to play, you have to be willing to chase me, too. That means on principle, I won’t chase anymore until the favor is returned.


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