Talk without Words

Ready for an intimate conversation? What does that mean? Being intimate doesn’t have to be about having sex. It’s about closeness, sharing things with another person that no one else is privy to.

I don’t mean the generic, everyday detritus of life. That’s companionship, a different animal all together. Companionship is having someone to go shopping with, do dishes with, a friend to hang out with. Intimacy requires more emotional commitment.

It can be someone you trade deep, dark secrets with, or someone you snuggle with on rainy afternoons, or the person you sit up all night with when one of you needs to vent. It’s the person who touches you briefly in a crowded room just to let you know they’re there if you need them.

Do you know which people in your life are companions and which are intimate friends? Do you have both? Do you know which ones you need and which ones you want? Do you have the temerity to admit what you’re looking for?


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