I have a new favorite song with this lyric: S is for the simple need. Is there anything simpler than need?

I need air to breathe. It is an involuntary action, automatic. Yes, you can control it. Ever tried meditating, or serious physical training? Breath control during those activities helps you achieve results.

I need shelter, too. I do know how to come in out of the rain so I don’t catch cold. But I also know that sometimes you need to run through a puddle and dance to the drumming of rain and thunder. I need food and water. My body will tell me if I’ve gone too long without eating or drinking anything. Its way of reminding me there’s more to life than work.

I need contact with other people. Conversation for starters. I can’t write about people without some examples to draw from. And I like a good conversation. Contact is more than just eavesdropping on people in the mall or grocery store. It’s the innocent touch of someone’s hand on my shoulder, a kiss on the cheek from a child, a hug from a friend, a lover’s caress on my back. Physical touch is as important as an emotional connection. It reminds us that we are living, breathing, feeling creatures.

If you go too long without one of these needs your body lets you know. One way or another we will have to find what we need. That’s the part that isn’t so simple…..


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