A Can of Worms….

How do you know when you’ve met The One? Do you feel it in your heart? Are you so happy you feel like you’re going to explode?  Or does it scare you so bad you want to run in the other direction?  Does it happen all at once? Is it love at first sight? Or does it move slow and sneak up on you when you least expect it? 

After the death of a long-term relationship, I am very gun-shy about getting into another serious relationship.  I admit it: I’m scared of getting hurt again.  Any normal human would be.  I have been talking to a few men.  Nothing serious, mostly just making friends, some flirting, a bit of trash talking.  So what do I do when someone crosses my path that appears to be perfect? He’s definitely interested, very determined, and moving way faster than I’m comfortable with.  After knowing each other about a week, he’s already saying he’s falling in love with me.  We haven’t even met in person yet.  My first instinct is to put on the brakes. 

I have said before that I believe the people we need come into our lives when they are supposed to be there.  I’m not really looking for anything at the moment.  Wishing for it, yes.  Looking for it, no.  So how do I recognize it if it falls in my lap?  Have I gotten enough distance between me and my failed marriage to recognize something good?  Do I trust my instincts enough to decide if I want to persue something now?  Am I ready for another serious relationship? 

I’ve always heard that if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.  So what’s wrong with this ‘perfect’ man?  Is he really too good to be true? Is he a stalker? An ultra-religious cult member? Or is he simply a man who knows what he wants and is going after it?  Do I just go with it and wait for the other shoe to drop? Do I dive in and take that risk? Or do I run in the opposite direction?

I’m not sure.  So what the hell do I do now?


2 thoughts on “A Can of Worms….”

  1. Be very careful! Real love doesn’t happen that quickly. That’s attraction or simple lust. Real love takes time to build and grow.

    Get to know him before you make any decisions. Don’t ever let a man push you into a relationship you aren’t sure about. It’s a recipe for disaster. Believe me, I know. 😦

    1. Don’t worry. I’m not rushing into anything. The only thing I’m in a hurry for right now is getting my divorce papers signed. 🙂

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