Mother Lode

By definition Alone means you are without company.  Alone is a circumstance, a situation that can be fixed by something as simple as going to a public place and standing in a crowd.  My Webster’s had the same thing for the first definition of Lonely.  But lonely is different.  The third definition had it right.  Lonely is sadness from being alone. 

Lonely is an emotion.  You feel it all the way to the bone.  It can weigh you down and drive you crazy, make you do strange things.  It’s a cross between a disease and an addiction.  You don’t realize you have it until you get a taste of a cure. Then you can’t help craving another taste. 

What will you do to find that cure? How far will you go?  Would you lie to yourself?  Would you hurt another person just to ease that sweet ache inside you?  Would you feel guilty for it?

When you get a sip of nirvana will you shout for joy? Will you tell the world? Or will you hide that precious ray of light away so no one sees you? So no one can take it away?  Can you be honest with yourself to recognize the affliction when you look in the mirror?  Will you go so far to cure it that you can’t face yourself in the mirror? 

When you do find Nirvana -I don’t mean a sip, I mean the mother lode – will you be overwhelmed by it? Drown in the ecstasy of that relief?  Or will you doubt the source?  Convince yourself it’s only a temporary fix? Will you settle for a brief rush and turn away to crawl back into your cave?  Or will you have the courage to reach for the brass ring?


2 thoughts on “Mother Lode”

  1. wow now that hit the nail on the head…most everybody has been in your spot but are AFRAID to admit it…you go girl and find your brass ring! AND MAKE IT A GOLD ONE…LOL DONT SETTLE FOR BRASS!!!!!!! your deserve better
    love ya mean it! :0

  2. I happened to be doing some work-related research in Google today and found your blog. I’ve definitely spent a bit of time here browsing and procrastinating! Great stuff here and I’m going to be around again in the future to check out more. Take care!

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