Something’s Got To Give

Ever feel like you’re overwhelmed? Too many things piling up in front of you? Can’t see out of the hole?  What do you do when that happens? Do you run and hide? Bury your head in the sand? Throw in the towel and just sit and wait for the end?  Oh but hell no!

Get off you ass! Find your motivation, something that will inspire you to take action.

We all will have a moment where we reach our breaking point, when something has to give or we break.  At least we think so.  Focus on your own inner strength, your self-confidence.   Build it until it stands high enough to see out of the hole you think you’re in.  Most situations are a lot less intense than we think they are.  Don’t get lost in the hype.  Remember what pushes you, motivates you, gives you strength.

Without action there can be no change.  Without change there can be no growth.  Without growth we stagnate and die.  That is not an option.   I will not be responsible for the actions of others, only my own.  I will strive to affect positive change on the things I have direct control over.   I will tackle one issue at a time, checking them off my to-do list as they fall by the wayside.

I will not give in, give up, or quietly retreat.   I will take action.