Shhhh… Don’t tell…

People keep all kinds of secrets.  Some can be physically harmful: eating disorders, alcoholism, medical conditions, addictions of all types.  Others are more a matter of vanity like tattoos, or developing a shoe fetish because you don’t want people to see your feet.  Some secrets are even kept in plain sight.

I’ll tell you a secret.  I wear a pentacle or some type of crystal every single day, but there are situations when I purposely hide it under my shirt to keep it and its intention secret from the people I’m around.  I’ve kept plenty of secrets.  If I wrote them all down on index cards I could create a card catalogue like the public library.

I don’t like secrets.  They are usually something that will hurt someone.  You shouldn’t have to lie to someone to keep a secret.  And the people in your life should not be a secret.  I don’t want the whole world all up in my business.  But if I’m important to you and you’re important to me, I don’t want to keep that secret.





One thought on “Shhhh… Don’t tell…”

  1. I think secrets connect people too, though. If you look at sites like postsecret and sixbillionsecrets people share their secrets and people can bond over similar secrets or what have you. I kinda have a special place in my heart for secrets I find them interesting and very telling about a person. I use secrets to develop characters sometimes, you can check out my blog post about it on my blog.

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