Say My Name

Let’s play a quick game.  I’ll play along…

Name the last song you heard:  Lose Yourself by Eminem

Brand of toothpaste you use:  Colgate

Title of your favorite TV show:  CSI

The endearment you call your significant other:  Baby

These are all names.  Everything has a name.  Is it important? You bet it is.  For example, CSI has spawned 3 offshoots in its own right plus ignited a genre for prime time television.  As writers we hear a lot about branding ourselves to create name recognition.  Let’s face it, few people on this planet do not know the name Stephen King.

So what’s in a name? Why is it important?  If you are an artist in any field, your name is how people find your work.  Any business has to have a recognizable name to succeed.  You may or may not know Tom Smith’s lawn service but you will remember TruGreen and their colorful trucks.  The author of the article you read in Reader’s Digest at your last doctor’s visit will probably not be thought of once you leave.  Most of us recognize Mark Twain, John Grisham, Shakespeare, James Patterson.

Are names important in our personal relationships? Even more so I would think.  When you look at my full name it’s pretty long.  I’ve been called a nickname all my life.  Once I started branching out on my own, I used a different variant of my middle name.  It suits me.  Rebecca is too formal.  Beckie is who I used to be.  Becca is the new me.  I like her.  And she likes to hear her name.

What do you feel when you hear your name called?  Does it turn you on or make you break out in a cold sweat?  Fear, joy, dread, happiness?  That depends on a lot of factors.  Who is calling you, are you in a social situation or something more private, is it your boss, a child, or a lover????  Any of these variables will change the answer.   Do you get tired of hearing your name called?  Are you sure you like your name?

How often do you hear your name called by your significant other?  Is it important? Do you have nicknames for each other?  One thing my ex used to do that always irritated me was that he referred to me as She, or Her in conversation.  I didn’t really notice until a co-worker pointed it out.  I’m much more secure in who I am now.  But it’s still nice to hear my name now and then.


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