More More More

Have you seen the email that circulated called Enough? It said something like, I wish you enough food so you never feel hunger.  I wish you enough – whatever it is – so you don’t feel a need for it.  But is “enough” good enough?

Enough would probably be a happy medium between deficiency and indulgence.

It is possible to have too much of a good thing.  Too much oxygen is a fire hazard.  Too much rain and we have floods.  Too much sun will burn you.  Too many shoes…. oh, wait, that’s not possible.

It would be nice to never need for anything.  Need is a big word.  So is settle.  Sometimes settling for merely enough is not good enough.  Some things we need more of: friends, laughter, happiness, love, kisses.

Many of us have survived hard times.  Losing friends, lovers, jobs are events that can make life miserable.  Making it to the other side of these obstacles makes us stronger.  We appreciate having enough, yes.  But we deserve more.  We deserve to land that dream job after a zillion crappy ones.  We deserve to be surrounded by friends who know all our faults and still love us for who we are.  We deserve the love and affection of someone who respects and excites us.

I’ve had enough.  Now I want more…


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