Yes, It’s Monday…

On the typical wall calendar Monday is not the first day of the week but the second.  So why do people hate Mondays?

Granted, it’s the first business day of the week.  In today’s economy, having a job to go to on Monday is a good thing.  Besides, that paycheck makes it a lot easier to enjoy the weekend.

Of course, if you have too good a weekend, Monday could mean you’re hung over.  It’s not any fun to work when you’re trying to recover from too much fun.  Then again, if Saturday is your party day and you still feel it on Monday, maybe you’re getting a little too old to party that hard.  Just saying…

It’s not like Mondays come as a surprise.  We know it’s going to happen every week.  And we generally know what to expect from our jobs on that first day.  Those who work weekends like Mondays because it means time off.

Kids hate Mondays during school because they hate homework.  Either they didn’t do their homework over the weekend or they’ll be getting more for the week.  But they still know it’s going to happen after every Sunday.

Do we really hate Mondays as much as we think we do?  It may be the most under-appreciated day of the week.  Think of Mondays like Jimmy Buffet does.  Come Monday, it’ll be alright…


One thought on “Yes, It’s Monday…”

  1. Monday is my favorite day ’cause almost every place is open except the fish camp and one of the hamburger joints.
    you can do almost anything on Monday unless it’s one of the government three day weekends.


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