Kick Start

Sometimes I just need to reboot.  Know what I mean?  Life gets in the way sometimes.  We get caught up in everybody’s issues and lose focus.  When it happens what do you do?

I have to have music.  The music effects my mood more than anything else.  There are rare occasions when I just can’t find the right music.  That’s when I know I need a distraction, the kind that will trigger my OCD and keep my brain occupied.  You may have heard me say that we work through our issues in our dreams, when the subconscious mind takes over.  Same concept.

I have been working on a jigsaw puzzle the last few days.   Yes, it’s taking days… Damn thing has no border.  (Thanks, Cindi!)  While it’s driving me insane and ruining my eyesight, it’s also letting my brain work through stuff.  I don’t feel bogged down with the everyday BS.  It works as good as meditating for me.

Once I’m lost in the puzzle, it doesn’t matter what music I have playing.  Believe me, that’s a rarity.  But now that the brain has rebooted, I know what music I want.  This morning it was a capella covers of some of my favorite songs.  Now I’m alternating between metal, rap and dance music.  Gotta have a beat to move your ass to.  Time to get the party started…..


One thought on “Kick Start”

  1. I’ve been listening to my playlist the past few days called “Slow Men”. Songs of all kinds of male artists of different genres that are slower- not necessarily romantic love songs, just nothing up beat. I love slow, mellow music. So I understand. I write best when listening to Sinatra or Ella or even classical music. I hve the problem of getting distracted by music if I don’t have the right stuff going.

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