…just curious….

Do you ask a lot of questions?  When you come across something new do you just give it a passing glance or will you dig and search for all the information you can?  Do you quietly surf over to Google and search when nobody’s around?  Or do you ask everybody you know for their take on it?

I’ve often told people “I’m a writer, it makes me nosy.”  And I do feel that questions are like orgasms, there are always more.  My favorite game is 20 Questions and I like to play it a lot.  I like to learn new stuff.

Two unrelated events have recently occurred in my life.  I’m getting to know a new friend, driving him nuts with a zillion questions.  He asks me a lot of questions, too, which I like.  The other event is that I’ve discovered a new facet of myself that I suspected was there, but had never looked too closely at.

Now I’m driving myself crazy with questions.  What do I like about it?  What do I not?  How far am I willing to push my limits?  I’m ready for a change.  Now is as good a time as any for some experimenting.  I’m meeting new people who feel the same way, and finding some old friends who are experimenting as well.

Sticking with the same old thing may be safe, but you end up in a rut.  We need change to learn and grow.  We need to push those limits we impose on ourselves.  I like testing my limits.  I usually learn something cool in the process.


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