Keep Your Distance

This is my dance space.  That is your dance space.  Can you feel when someone you know is putting distance between you and them?  Some times it’s very subtle.  You’d have to really know the person to realize what’s going on.  Other times it’s as obvious as an elephant in your living room.

So why do people do it?  Why do we sometimes feel the need to push people away?  I’m a very social creature.  I can be alone without freaking out but I’d rather not.  I like having someone close by that I can talk to, bounce ideas off of, tell naughty jokes.  There are times when I like my space.  Usually when that mood strikes I have to get in my car and just drive.  I’ll pick a spot and take the long way there and back.

I’ve met many new people in the last few years.  Some are still distant enough to be acquaintances.  Others I have gotten to know well enough that I would call them close friends.  I treat all my friends like family.  I keep them close to me.  I care about each one of them in ways as varied as they are.

I can tell when they need some space.  One doesn’t want to meet in person because he’s self-conscious.  One draws back when he realizes he does care and wants to get a grip on his emotions before I notice.  Another is sinking into depression and wants to hide it.  One wants to keep it as just friends but will text everyday like when we were together because he misses me.

They each want me close, but will do their damnedest to keep me at arm’s length.  But that’s okay.  I can do that to.  If I’m close enough that they start to irritate me I just go silent for a day or two.  Bury myself in projects and ignore the world for a while.  When I’m ready to play the game again, I come out of my cage.  There’s usually someone within shouting distance.

So, shall we dance?


4 thoughts on “Keep Your Distance”

  1. I guess people are all different. Some people readily throw themselves into social circles; other prefer to stay safe on the fringes. It’s the social people’s job to make others feel more comfortable.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

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    1. I’ve been on the fringe, always looking in wondering how to get there. Then I realized that I alone held the power of putting myself in those circles. I spent way too long letting others hold me back because I didn’t realize that I had the power. I may be a little slow to step into the circle sometimes, but I won’t let anything stop me when I’m ready to take that step. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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  2. OHMY…
    The two people that you describe in the end is what is happening to me…
    Read my post on cockblocking, this is when instead of them doing it, its someone else 🙂

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