Hot, Hot, Hot

Well, duh…. Yes, it’s hot and humid in the Carolinas.  I don’t like it really humid, makes it hard to breathe and to think straight.  For example, I have lost all my good senses.  August is going to be busy since I have decided to attempt not one but two writing challenges.

NaNoWriMo is having a summer bootcamp.  They did it in July also, but let’s not talk about how that one went….  The bootcamp is a warm-up for all of us crazy writers who want to practice (yes, practice) writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  We are all insane.  Enjoy the kool-aid.

How many of you have heard of NaBloPoMo?  This is the blog version of NaNo.  Yep, a new blog post every day for 30 days.  I’ll try not to bore you.

Hopefully all this writing will help use up some of the notes in my idea folder.  If nothing else, it should wear me out so I sleep better 😀

Wish me luck!


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