Lucky Number 7

Today is the seventh day of the August blog challenge.  This is blog #7.  Yes, it’s only a week, but if you’ve been reading my blog for longer than that you know sometimes I go silent.  I think it’s a fairly big accomplishment to have a whole week’s worth of blogs.  It deserves a reward of some kind to encourage me to continue on for the rest of the month.

I’ve been discussing this very thing with another writer friend of mine.  A schedule to stick to is important.  But it gets boring just doing what’s penciled in on your schedule.  Well, first of all, you’re the one holding the pencil.  Shake it up a bit.  Don’t set the same tasks for everyday at the same time. As long as you are working, mix up your day however you want.

One way to keep it fresh is to make at least two versions of your schedule.  Then you can alternate the two patterns each week, or work one for two weeks before you switch.  Set your goals for each week and reward your progress.  Even if it’s a small step.

Sometimes the reward is the important part more so than the work accomplished.  Rewards can be anything: a new book, a dessert, a movie, chocolate, a stiff drink.  Anything that’s not already an everyday occurence can be used for a reward.  Each step you take closer to your goal is progress.  Celebrate.

Seven has always been a lucky number for me in a variety of ways.  This seventh blog is a good step forward.  Yes, something as simple as proving to yourself that you can keep up your blog everyday for a week can be worthy of a reward.  So I’m going to enjoy some fresh blueberries and a glass of iced tea, sit back and do my nails.

Here’s hoping the second week of August is as rewarding as the first.


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