I’m just not feeling it tonight.  I’ll be honest.  It’s not what I’d call writer’s block.  There are plenty of words there.  I can feel them under my skin buzzing like bees.  The problem is all the voices in my ear.  Too many people inside my head, like a peanut gallery sitting in the back of the room that makes up my mind.

If only they were all characters for stories…. I’d grab a pen and start a roll-call.  There are other people in there, real people.  Some are very important to me, some are important in different ways.  Each one is like a door.  Sometimes you have to close one door before you open another.

Why can’t some of you be windows? I’m going to have to do something so I can focus.  Meditate over a jigsaw puzzle or something.  Maybe strong black coffee and incense in the morning.  I’ll try most anything if it helps me concentrate…


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