Shift it…

Recognize that line? It’s not just a car commercial.  It’s a line from one of my favorite movies, Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Both commercial and movie are saying the same thing: Get Moving!

I found out recently that I’m iron deficient.  No wonder I’m taking so many naps lately!  Helps that I don’t have so many friends anymore that are insomniacs & that I’m working so I can’t stay up late to chat.  But I’m still exhausted some days.

Yes, I’m taking extra vitamins.  I still don’t sleep well some nights, though.  One thing that helps is to get more exercise.  You might ask how do you have energy to exercise if you’re already tired?  When we don’t use or bodies enough to burn some energy we don’t rest well.  It can become a vicious cycle.

If you’ve known me for any length of time or live close enough to have met me in person you know I’m not a petite woman except in height.  I have my dad’s bone structure combined with my mom’s shortness.  (Thanks bunches Mom & Dad) However, I do have curves, generous curves in all the right places.  I just want them to be a little more streamlined for the sake of my health.

I’m actually very health conscious.  The problem is that I put the Pro in procrastination.  That coupled with a condition called PCOS keeps my curvy.  I have to work really really really hard to make noticeable change.  Sometimes I just don’t want to.  But I’m turning 40 this year.  What the hell am I waiting for?

I’m hoping to make it to a yoga class I just heard about.  Timing, timing is everything.  I can’t let me talk myself out of it.  I’m having a big party for my 40th birthday this year.  I’ll let you know how much progress I make between now and then.  So if  you find that you don’t have as much pep in your step as you used to or that you spend more time online than off, you might want to think about getting out of your chair and getting your ass in gear.


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