Change of scenery

Yes, I know, I didn’t blog yesterday.  I simply wasn’t in the mood.  So my aunt and I went to a bird & reptile show here in town.  I’m very happy to report that she actually petted a bird ~ she’s afraid of them.  No, I did not pet the snake she let wrap itself around her arm.  The only good snake is a trouser snake…. just saying.

A lot of Saturdays are days me and Cindi (my aunt) go out for lunch and do a little shopping.  It was nice to do something different.  Sometimes you gotta shake up the routine a little.  Don’t let yourself get in a rut.  It makes you stagnate, losing energy and motivation the longer you stay stuck.

I did a bit of shopping Friday.  Bought some clothes and a couple of pairs of heels.  Gotta love a new pair of shoes.  Adding something new can help break you out of a rut.  It makes you feel good.

Look around you, wherever you are at this very moment.  Are you someplace new or surrounded by the same old same old?  If it’s not new, find something to change.  Make something new and different and exciting.  Go see a friend.  Buy a new ‘something.’ Paint a room in a color you’ve always wanted to try.  A change of scenery will do you good.


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