Finding the Write words…

Sometimes the words don’t flow like we want them to.  Other times the words are so plentiful in our minds we can’t write them out fast enough.  Sometimes we feel like the words are there, we can feel them swimming around in gray matter, but there is a disconnect between the brain and the fingers.

We put our own obstacles in our path.  If you’re not sure what the disconnect is, then that’s what you need to start writing about.  Just start typing (or put pen to paper).  What is going on around you, what are you stressing about, what are you afraid of doing, what are you afraid of not doing, who do you think is stopping you from doing the things you want to????

Start writing even if you think you don’t have the answers to any of those questions.  The things that happen in our lives have a profound impact on everything we do.  As writers this applies doubly to everything we write.

Take another look at that last question.  Who do you think is stopping you from doing the things you want to?  The truth is unless you are a child or incarcerated the only person who controls your actions is YOU!  If you act out of anger, you are letting whomever angered you take that control.  Stop whining and take it back.

Write until you have your control back.  Write until you own your choices and actions.  Write until all the words are drained onto the page.  Just write…



Well, Fudge…. It’s Monday

Clouds are dimming the morning sun, I have had no coffee and little sleep, and last night found me writing poetry at 2:00 am.  I’m finding that my security blankets are not as comforting as they once were.  Realization is settling in that I have finally outgrown the safety of some of the people around me.  I learned a long time ago not to take anything for granted.  Some people need to realize that what they think is a sure thing, may not always be there when they decide to make time for it.


You better think about it…

How ya doing today?  Got lots to do?  Need any help?  There is a HUGE difference in realizing that you may need help and the ability to help yourself.  Can you honestly say you know the difference?  Not many of us can.

Let’s say you have finally concluded that you are so totally overwhelmed that you need help.  Now what? Where do you start?  Are you sure you know where you need the help the most?  Take a look at what stresses you the most….

Coworkers not pulling their weight, job tasks piling up & overflowing your desk, total dread of the drive into work on Monday morning?  Maybe, but are there other stressers in your life that you try to push aside and not think about? Lack of communication with a spouse or family member, feeling you made a mistake getting involved at a young age, unresolved grief over the loss of a loved-one?  These are deeper issues that take more than a week’s vacation to recover from.

Stress from work and sources outside of your immediate sphere of influence are like gunshot wounds, easily identifiable and treatable.  When you push aside or hide from the deeper issues it makes them exponentially harder to deal with, like a cancer buried deep inside your body.  And just like a cancer they will continue to eat at you until you have no choice but to face them.

‘I’ve tried talking to a shrink,’ you say.  ‘I’ve read every self-help book Oprah ever recommended.’  Until you are ready to forgive yourself for whatever transgressions you feel you made in your past you will not be able to move past the emotional baggage that goes with them.  It’s not something you can get a quick fix for, no easy cure-all potions.

You have to forgive yourself and rebuild your self-esteem and self-respect.  If you don’t respect yourself, how do you expect anyone else to respect you?  Making yourself and your emotional health a priority is very important.  You are the only one who can make the decisions needed to keep you healthy.

What you need to do first is think about where the true issues lie.  Take an honest look in the mirror.  Respect starts with you.  Don’t sell yourself short.  You waste time you could spend enjoying life instead of stressing over other people.  Think about it…

Make your own luck

I’ve been reading Spirited by Rebecca Rosen.  She makes a very good point about making your own luck that is pretty close to something I’ve said here before.  What you project comes back to you, good, bad, or indifferent.

When you focus on the past, what’s already been done, you attract more of the same.  Look at your past relationships.  Do you still attract the same type of person that hurt you in the past? Are you stuck in a rut of poor choices?

Instead of brooding over what already was, try concentrating on what might be.  Make a list of the feelings you want in a relationship, the way you want to be treated.  Keep that in your mind so it’s what you project.  You will find that more people will cross your path that might be able to make that happen.

We are really good at not getting out of our own way.  Sometimes you just have to let go.  If you hold onto the negative, your hand (or your heart) has no room for the positive.  Life, and relationships in particular, can sometimes feel like a competition.  Make yourself and your happiness your number one priority.  Don’t hold yourself back in second place.