Make your own luck

I’ve been reading Spirited by Rebecca Rosen.  She makes a very good point about making your own luck that is pretty close to something I’ve said here before.  What you project comes back to you, good, bad, or indifferent.

When you focus on the past, what’s already been done, you attract more of the same.  Look at your past relationships.  Do you still attract the same type of person that hurt you in the past? Are you stuck in a rut of poor choices?

Instead of brooding over what already was, try concentrating on what might be.  Make a list of the feelings you want in a relationship, the way you want to be treated.  Keep that in your mind so it’s what you project.  You will find that more people will cross your path that might be able to make that happen.

We are really good at not getting out of our own way.  Sometimes you just have to let go.  If you hold onto the negative, your hand (or your heart) has no room for the positive.  Life, and relationships in particular, can sometimes feel like a competition.  Make yourself and your happiness your number one priority.  Don’t hold yourself back in second place.


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