Do you have a theme song?  Not just a favorite, we all have favorites.  Hell, I probably have a couple dozen songs I could claim as a favorite.  Depends on the genre and band.  I mean a theme song.  Something that speaks to your true nature, tells people “this is me.”  It has to say something about who you are.

Now there is the tricky part.  Do you really know who you are?  Honestly, brutally honest in your face warts and all, do you know who you are?  What about the stage of life you’re at right now?  That will affect the song, too.  Anything that speaks to your emotions will change the music.

We all have a soundtrack for life.  There are many songs on that playlist.  They change as often as we change moods.  But there is usually a theme that runs through them that defines us.  When you find the one song that sums up that theme, you have found your theme song.  If you’ve seen the pics of my tattoos you know I have a name inked at the base of my neck.  It sums up an attitude that I discovered the more I learned about myself after my marriage ended.  The stronger I get, the more that name fits me.  The attitude fits me.  It’s all sass and balls and sarcasm and it is so totally me.  I am one Foxy Bitch.

The song that sums it up is not so much about the lyrics as it is the feel of the song.  Don’t get me wrong, lyrics are important.  There’s a line out of this song that asks: What’s it gonna be?  That’s pretty much what I ask every time I look in my mirror.  What’s next?  What direction are you going in?  What will this decision mean?  I like asking those questions.  When I have to stop and think about the answers it means I am growing, I am learning something new about myself and my own motivations.  I find that very sexy, to know myself.  Everything is richer, tastes stronger, sounds louder when you know what drives it.  For now my song is about finding direction and adventure.  I’m curious what it will be when I finally find what I’m looking for.


2 thoughts on “Soundtracks”

  1. I see “Start Me Up” as my applicable song. The hell with the facts that the Stones did it – it’s motivational and I and live that way. It ain’t a pretty song but it is effective.

    Someday – yes someday – it will motivate me to spell and use punctuation.

    1. LOL ED that is one of my favorite Stones tunes! It is a great way to start the day. And it has one of my favorite lines, but it’s almost the end of the song……

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