Open Your Eyes

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Who’s the fairest

Of them all….

Does it really matter?  Does it really matter what anybody else thinks?  If you are honest with yourself and true to your own beliefs does it really make any difference in your actions and decisions?  I know we all have people in our lives we don’t want to alienate or hurt.  Within those parameters, are you true to yourself?  Do you show that in your actions and decisions?

I lost a friend recently.  He didn’t die, I don’t mean that.  He ended our friendship over a conflict of spiritual beliefs.  At least that is what started the argument.  I don’t have much tolerance for bullshit lately and I called him out for refusing help because of this conflict of beliefs.  I was very hurt and offended by his attitude.  But it made me stop and think.

How do you deal with people who believe differently than you do?  I grew up going to church.  I’ve always believed in God and what was taught in Sunday school.  The teaching itself is fine, once you find a way in your own mind to reconcile it with what you learn in science class.  And yes I think that is possible.  Who are we to think God would measure time in the same way we do?  It’s also pretty vain of us to assume God has nothing better to do than just make our one planet.

I don’t like pushy, in anything.  I don’t push my beliefs on anyone and I appreciate other people not doing the same.  My best friend is uber-Christian but she doesn’t push it.  She goes on her merry way, sharing what she feels is needed when it is needed.  We respect each other’s beliefs and just get on with being friends.  That was the problem I had with the friend I lost.  He had no respect for anything I believed in, called it all an illusion.

So I got to thinking.  Do I have to be wide open with my beliefs to avoid this kind of scene again?  Am I  expecting too much for other people to at least show enough respect not to disown me as a friend just because I believe differently than they do?  I don’t go out of my way to hide or broadcast my beliefs.  And even among others who believe like I do there are many differences in how people believe and how they experience their own spirituality.

I was told once that I was a very spiritual person.  I thought it was one of the best compliments I had ever received.  Still do.  My spirituality is my own business.  I know what I believe and why I do so.  I should not have to explain it to anyone unless they ask, respectfully.  I have experienced too many things to not believe the way I do.  Enjoy your spirituality, experience it in everything you do, share when you feel the need to.  Blessed be…




One thought on “Open Your Eyes”

  1. Amen. I get along with most folks even though I am an aethist. I’m usually up front with it and tell them I respect their belief. If they actually followed it we’d have a whole lot less war and misery. Most folks who say they are religious about a religion have never gone to church or read the book. They have no idea what’s in the Bible and just say they are Christian because it is what’s done in America. I have been dead for times in the past 35 years and I think I know what’s over there. My counsel is to have some practice of your religion, really believe it and respect whatever other people do. Hell, I have been married to Christians three times and got along fine – up until their divorces and terminals.

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