Rainy Days and Tuesdays….

Just not the same when you change the lyrics, is it?  Haha.

It’s cold and rainy and I just have no pizzazz today.  Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s pms.  Maybe I’m anxious for that second date since the first went pretty well.  Perhaps I have too many story characters in my head vying for position.

I’m not sure I would call this writer’s block.  In general I try not to believe in writer’s block.  I know for a fact I tend to procrastinate.  No sense in denying it.  Maybe I need to meditate more, now that’s a good possibility.  Might help me pinpoint what my malfunction is.

I am a bit distracted.  That first date I mentioned did in fact go quite well.  I’m looking forward to the next one.  I have tried to keep the words flowing this month but I admit I’m struggling.  I have several stories I’ve been working on.  Only one is actually finished.

My local NaNo writer’s group has our last write-in of the month tonight.  Let’s hope I can keep on track and actually write.  I may have to stop and pick up some extra chocolate to help with that.  Yes, I know I’m kind of rambling.  It seems appropriate for today.  At least I’m writing something, though, right?!

Whatever this malaise is I will get through it.  It aggravates me because I am trying to stop procrastinating.  It’s a hard habit to break.  But it can be done.  I will do it. Dammit.  Go ahead and tell me I can’t.  I like a challenge….



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