Who controls your limits?  Do you? Your significant other?  Some outside force?  Do you know what your limits are?  How do you know? Did you test them?  Do you push your limits on a regular basis?  Does someone else push you?

Your answers to those questions, if you really answered honestly,  may have surprised you.  Most people do not really know their own limits.  We stay in our safe little bubbles and never step out of that comfort zone.  You have to experience new things in order to test your boundaries.

How far are you willing to go?  Will you take that step by yourself?  Or do you need someone to hold your hand?  Have you experienced anything that forced you to consider that question?

Facing our fears is hard.  Our parents teach us to fear some things.  Don’t talk to strangers.  Don’t touch a hot stove.  Don’t approach strange dogs on the street.  We learn fear from other people, from what we see, what we experience.  But does it teach us to confront that fear?

When the blonde in the movies runs and trips we know she’s going to die.  It doesn’t always work like that in real life.  We rarely know when that moment is going to happen.  Most of us don’t do anything to be put in that position to begin with.

We all say we know what our reaction would be, how we would act in a given situation.  But you don’t really know until you have been put in that position.  So you have to step out of your own shadow to find that limit.  The question is… Will you?



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