Now Showing! Blog Tour Announcement

Join us this Valentine’s week for a blog tour featuring Fran Metzman’s The Hungry Heart Stories.

Monday, February 13th
“Welcome to Hell” by Glenn Walker

Tuesday, February 14th
“Writing – Art – Metaphysics” by Shelley Szajner

Wednesday, February 15th
“BeccaButcher’s Blog” by Becca Butcher

Thursday, February 16th
“GilbertCuriosities” by Marie Gilbert

Friday, February 17th
“The Author-in-Training” by Mieke Zamora-Mackay

Saturday, February 18th
“A Reference of Writing Rants for Writers or “Learn from My Mistakes”” by Jennifer M. Eaton

Sunday, February 19th
Return stop to “GilbertCuriosities” by Marie Gilbert

Monday, February 20th
Return stop to “BeccaButcher’s Blog” by Becca Butcher

Tuesday, February 21st
“The Dream Between” by Robin Renee

Wednesday, February 22nd
“Literary Debauchery” by Krista Magrowski

Thursday, February 23rd
Return stop to “Welcome to Hell” by Glenn Walker


9 thoughts on “Now Showing! Blog Tour Announcement”

  1. Becca This presentation is excellent. Sorry I haven’t responded earlier but I I’m lame at hi-tech and thought I didn’t need to respond since the comments weren’t directed to me. After thought (sometimes that item escapes me) I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your blog looks and the book cover of THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES is very so dramatic. I’m honored that you agreed to participate on my blog tour. Thanks to all the rest for their interest. fran metzman

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