Meet Fran Metzman

Everyone has heard the phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  There are way more connections between food and different types of love and relationships.  In The Hungry Hearts Stories, author, teacher and blogger Fran Metzman explores several variations of tasty morsels and tortured hearts.

The Hungry Hearts is a collection of short stories coming out this month from Wilderness House Press.  All twelve shorts are well written with just enough description to paint thought-provoking pictures that will illicit curiosity, amusement, tears, and anguish.  A personal essay at the end offers a glimpse into Fran’s personal writing space we don’t get from many authors without a full biography.

Award-winning author Fran Metzman is a graduate of the Moore College of Art and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to publishing numerous short stories and coauthoring her first novel Ugly Cookies with Joy E. Stocke, she also teaches writing at various local colleges and universities. Her blog “The Age of Reasonable Doubt” can be found at Wild River Review, and deals with the mature (and sometimes immature) dating/relationships and aspects of society that influence all relationships. Her short story “My Inheritance” was nominated for a Dzanc Books Award for Best of the Web.


Be sure to check out the rest of the tour.  I’ll have an interview with Fran on the 20th.  You can find Fran and her writing in the following spots:

Ugly Cookies:

The Age of Reasonable Doubt:

Wild River Review:

“My Inheritance”:

Wilderness House Press
ISBN 978 0 9827115  5 2

On Amazon:

On Barnes & Noble:


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