Tranquility Base

Did your parents ever trick you into playing the Quiet Game?  I always caught myself trying to sing along with the radio and tried to turn it into a hum.  I almost always have music on.  Gotta have some sound, pictures are not necessary.

Even last night my stereo was on, repeating a cd of Native American flute and drum music.  It’s one of the types of music I meditate to.  I haven’t meditated nearly enough lately.  Knowing it doesn’t mean I will be any better at keeping up with it even though I understand how important it is.  It’s just not easy being still.

How long can you sit still?  No movement except your breathing?  Some people are better at being still because of the work they do.  Others have to be moving, have to be doing something all the time.  It’s almost like ADD.

I don’t sit still very well.  When I really want to sit and meditate I can, but it’s hard for me.  What little tv I watch I usually have some craft project in my hands while I’m doing it.  My last vacation was in 2009.  It took me a whole day to figure out how NOT to do anything.

Being still, whether you meditate or not, is very important.  We need time to clear our heads, shake off the stresses of the day, let go of all the tension we carry around with us.  It does us no good to keep it.  So how do we make time for being still?

Take a few minutes while you’re in the shower, imagine yourself sloughing off the debris of the day as you wash.  Or take those few minutes when you hit the snooze alarm to clear your head before starting your day.  However you find the time for stillness, keep your hands open.

Here’s a little demonstration for you.  Imagine all your stresses as a piece of pipe, something tangible you can hold onto.  Now squeeze it for all you’re worth.  If you keep holding on to all that negative energy, you have no free hand to accept any positive energy.  Now let go of the pipe and open your palms to the world.  Your hands are free to shake hands with a new person you meet in the supermarket, free to hold the hand of a child while crossing the street.

You have to open yourself to the good in life.  Practice being still.  Practice opening your hands and letting go.  You might surprise yourself with what you find in your grasp.



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