Dabbling in water colors…

What color are you wearing right now?  Why did you put that color on?  Matched your mood?  Matched your shoes?  Is it a pattern you like or a slogan that makes you smile?

The colors we surround ourselves with can be very important, even if we don’t think we’re paying attention to it.  Sometimes we hide in our clothes when we don’t want to be noticed.  We use them as a shield against the world.  I have a friend that wears a lot of black and white.  When she stops to think about it she’s not sure why.  She rarely sees the world in black & white.  Everything is some shade of gray.

When she does wear color, it’s usually her favorite purple.  Most any hue of purple is comforting to her.  It makes her happy.  Red looks good on her but she doesn’t wear it often.  It’s too bold, she says.  Her personality is sometimes bold so it’s not like she needs the help.  But this illustrates my questions above. 

Do you wear colors that make you happy?  I do.  I’m wearing yellow as I sit here writing.  Yellow is the color associated with my birth sign and it’s associated with the element air.  To keep it brief, there are associations between every element, zodiac sign, color, plant… everything!  No matter what you believe these associations surround us everyday.

Advertisers use colors to get our attention.  Different colors elicit different moods.  Red is bold.  It says HELLO, I’M HERE!  It’s an exciting color, sometimes aggressive, sometimes angry.  Red is the color of fire, heat, power.

Blue is more soothing, gentle.  That’s why it’s used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, government buildings.  Keep people calm.  Blue is also the color of water, again soothing.  You get a lot of meditation music that is basically water sounds.

I’m not going to take you through every single color.  That would take forever and quite frankly I’m pretty sure you’re smart enough to see what I’m talking about.  The question now is the why? 

I do not like pink.  The cute baby pink you think of for little girls.  Why you ask? My mother loved pink.  Prissy, little girl, baby pink.  My mother also used to dress me up like a doll when I was small.  It was with great amusement that I began expressing my own color palette.  Mom was not amused.

If I’m going to wear pink it will be a bold, hot pink.  I usually call it hooker pink.  Think Hubba Bubba gum and go just a wee bit darker.  That’s the only shade of pink I like.  Give me purple, red, green, yellow, blue… the brighter the better.  I love color.  It’s how we express ourselves on a very basic level.

What colors are in your house?  Have you painted anything?  Did you just change color or did you go for a pattern?  I loved the older version of Trading Spaces on TLC.  They always got people to try colors and patterns they thought were too far out there.

Why not try it?  Hell, it’s only paint.  You can paint over it if it gives you a headache.  Look at the colors you surround yourself with.  Do they make you happy?  Are they associated with some memory from your childhood?

I had a sweater I loved back in junior high.  A deep burgundy kinda purple with a gold stripe.  I was wearing it the day a complete stranger molested me on the street not far from my home.  Afterward I wanted to burn that sweater.  I knew mom would freak if she found me with the matches so I settled on trashing it.  But I have never worn that shade again.

Not all associations will be happy.  And that’s okay.  Find the colors that bring you joy.  Use them in big ways or little, but surround yourself with things that make you smile. You don’t have to make everything match or coordinate.  Think color families, not identical shades for everything.

Paint a wall, buy a dish or carpet or toothbrush holder in that color.  Anything that adds that pop.  It will definitely brighten your day.

Now where did I put that paint brush…


One thought on “Dabbling in water colors…”

  1. very well written…! COLOR is what makes the world go round and round ! we can all see it at the same time but it still be different to us all. LOVE IT!

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