Calculated Risks

A girl can’t be too careful these days.  If you spend much time online you know what I mean.  Almost every day you hear a news story about someone who’s been scammed or kidnapped or murdered by someone they met online.  There are many perils to online dating and chatting.

Chatrooms are not much good for a conversation unless you want to discuss which porn star you’re wanting to impersonate.  I’ve been hit on by married men, guys with girlfriends who like to share, guys who keep in touch with former lovers just in case we don’t work out.  I’ve found a  few who are adamant about being single but they are only online at certain times, like when they’re at work.  And let’s not forget the one who is so afraid of cyber stalking that he won’t even make up a last name.  Of course, that doesn’t stop him from offering to turn on his cam and show me how much he enjoys my erotica blog.

I think I’m a fairly trusting person.  Until you do something that resembles suspicious behavior.  If we’ve only chatted online and you’re only on during business hours during the week, I can’t help but question if you’re actually single.  Kind of hard to chat when the girlfriend or wife is home.  Or do you still live in your mom’s basement?

Anything is possible.  You might actually be telling me the truth and you are single, never married, no kids, with your own house and you just keep really odd hours.  Just don’t get your boxers in a wad when I have enough of a sense of self-preservation to ask about your odd hours.

I’ve been attacked before, been lied to, been used as a convenience.  I sure as hell will not blindly walk into any of those situations again.  Does that make me sound bitchy?  Untrusting?  I prefer to think of it as not being gullible and naive.

I’m not looking for a little boy who wants to play head games.  I know who I am and what I want and I’m not afraid to speak up.  I want a man who can do the same.


2 thoughts on “Calculated Risks”

  1. What about the professional liars, you know, those folks who WRITE fiction? Just a note in addition to that is I try to deal with folks on visual places like Skype too. It helps.

  2. Maybe “sounding bitchy” isn’t necessarily bad if it can protect you from any kind of stalking; cyber or otherwise. Put your foot down and do the right thing for YOU!
    You can’t be too careful!
    And this from a [gentle]man!!

    Write On!

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