Do you see what I see?

What would you see if you looked in my mirror?  Do you see the basics, eyes, mouth, nose, hair?  Do you see the flirt behind my smile?  Do you see the hours spent pouring through books on polymer chemistry and asteroids and naval history?  Do you see the radio DJ who drops into a sultry Southern accent when the mic goes hot?

Do you see the handmade teddy bears and home cooked meals?  The classic car photos and pin-up posters?  Do you see the collection of pens and pencils and notebooks?  Do you see my poker face?

Don’t forget to look for my tarot cards and my big hoop earrings.  The favorite heels under the bed, and the candles and crystals and dragons.  Can you see the stories trapped inside my head?  Can you hear the passion in my voice when I sing to the radio?

Do you see the tattoos and the scars?  The gray in my hair?  My inner editor, the grammar nazi?

What do you see when you look in my mirror?  What will I see in yours?



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