That time of the year…

Went outside today around noon and it was only 57 degrees.  One of the things I love about October.  The air gets cooler, crisper.  The trees start to turn colors.  I turn another year older.

There is also the Muse Online Writer’s Conference which runs the second week of October.  Always free and always fun and challenging.  I’ve picked out a few workshops to follow that will help with my in-person writing group as well as a couple just for me.  Should make for an interesting week.

Also this month, Karina Fabian is touring a blog near you with her newest release from Damnation Books, Neeta Lyffe 2: I Left My Brains In San Francisco.  I’ll be hosting Karina’s star, Neeta Lyffe, later on this month.  Get the full tour schedule here.  Karina is also looking for a Zombie Idol to sing the theme song.  Details on the singing contest at Karina’s blogspot.

November is fast approaching.  That means NaNoWriMo!  I’ve got a list of prep topics for my local group, Hickory Writer’s Society.  We will have a blast this month trying to make word count.  I still don’t know what I’m writing this year but I can’t wait to get started.

I’ve always liked fall.  I hope this one continues to be as fun as it has started out.  See you soon!


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