I need a distraction

It’s not often that I can’t get my ADD under control.  Sometimes I have to fall back on the puzzle books I used when I was younger to refocus my mind.  Lately though I have had more trouble staying on task.  I’m taking online classes and it has been really difficult for me to concentrate.  I’ve tried all kinds of tricks, schedule variations, reward systems.  Nothing seems to help.  Even my beloved music is not doing it this time.  While I’m writing this I’m chatting with a friend, listening to music and keeping the dogs entertained all while procrastinating doing my homework.

I can be easily distracted but this is starting to get ridiculous.  I need a distraction from my distractions.  I need to concentrate on a bloody ton of reading.  But I want to work on my writing.  And my crochet projects.  And the new origami flowers I found….  Oh, look, a bunny!