I’m a Libra, which means I see balance in most everything.  I always look at both sides of a situation, hopefully before the mouth engages.  But I like contrast, especially in artwork and photography.   Today I came across a picture that is attempting to show contrast with three colors: black, white, and red.  There are a couple of things I thought killed the contrast in the photo.  1000440_546734035390512_1680648919_n

One: the background has too even a color distribution.  Two:  the model’s legs, even in fishnets, are a lighter color that matches up with the background before the dress and corset can anchor the image.  Three: I didn’t like the shoes very much.  They just didn’t seem to fit the picture.  Personally, I think a longer dress that maybe had a slit to show some leg would have been better.  And let the model stand up.  It is possible to stand in platform heels and the long legs with a long dress would have given the solid black dress and solid red corset more impact.

I went browsing on the page to find something that I thought did a better job of showing contrast with color and found an interesting picture.  Even with multiple colors in the background and the woodwork so close to the model, her red hair and blue corset pop off the page.  Her skin tone is close to the wall behind her which helps, and the wall is not an even pattern.  Her left arm gives a solid break of pale between 944240_546241798773069_2027667725_nthe woodwork and the vivid blue corset.  This contrast works for me.

Both pictures were posted at Hot Heels & Corsets on Facebook.  I recently found this site thanks to a friend who sent me a photo of an interesting pair of boots.  They do have some nice stuff on their page.  Be sure to check it out.  There were other pictures that showed more contract, some with color, others black and white.  But I like both of these pictures for what they are.  Except for the flaming shoes…


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