Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?  What do you say to that person when you see them?  Is it something positive or something negative?

Next time you stand in front of the mirror, pay attention to what your inner dialogue is.  They way we talk to ourselves is very important.  Negative self-talk lowers your self-esteem.  It can lead to a lot of bad things, stress eating, depression, destructive behavior, and generally just feeling like crap.

You also have to be honest with yourself when you look in the mirror.  Are you wearing a mask?  Do you show a mask to the world and then be someone else when you’re at home?

We all have a mask of some sort.  It is vital to our mental well-being not to forget who we really are.  You have to look behind the mask look at the real you.  Even with problems and issues in everyday life, we are all perfect in our own way.  You just have to be willing to look underneath and accept who you are.



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