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May I Have Your Attention…

Hi! I’m creating a new blog. I hope you all will follow me over at that blog. I’ll post links to it here for a while before I stop posting altogether on here. The new page is spellboundscribbler.wordpress.com and please feel free to share it. I just posted my first blog at spellboundscribbler. Come on over and take a look!


Still kicking…

I survived the move. More or less. I’m staying with friends for a bit while I find something I can live with for a long time to come. It works. I still haven’t stopped sneezing. Decided to go for full-blown bronchitis. But I’m heavily medicated so we should be right as rain soon. Now that the move is over (for now), I’m trying to get back into my writing. I made sure not to pack all mytough writing gear into the storage unit. I have been making notes on a new alien story. I don’t usually write aliens but I can’t get this idea out of my head. I’ve let it stew long enough that it’s about ready for a full outline and some serious writing. It’s funny and has a point and I am liking this idea a lot. Now I just need to stop coughing…

Spring Cleaning

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying. Isn’t it a little early for that? To give you a quick answer, No! I’ve decided not to buy the little house I’ve been staying in. It’s not so little and a bitch to keep warm and tons of stuff need fixed or freshened up. I’m just not that in love with the house.

That means I’m packing again. But it’s not just packing up all the stuff I have. I’m cleaning out, too. I’m asking myself if I really need all those empty binders and notebooks. Do I really need to keep the two dozen magazines I’ve not looked at in over a year? Do I need two dozen pairs of shoes when I only have about four pairs I wear regularly? How much stuff am I holding on to simply because I remember growing up without a lot of stuff? Cleaning-a-Window

Don’t get me wrong. My brother and I had everything we truly needed as kids. But we didn’t get a lot of the stuff we wanted because it wasn’t possible. So I’m cleaning out boxes and drawers and notebooks. I’m packing up the stuff I will use and need. I am not packing the other stuff. The fluff and detritus of 43 years. I’m trimming the fat, so to speak. And once I stop sneezing from all the dust, it’s going to feel really good.


There have been a few things bothering me of late.  Nothing life threatening.  Not even anything I have direct control over.  But enough to cause some angst.  So finally this morning I started writing it out.

I’ve written in a journal since I was in high school.  Nothing new.  Sometimes I forget how therapeutic it can be.  Once I started putting all my anxieties on paper, they didn’t seem to be so overwhelming anymore.  Most monsters are not what we think they are.  Getting mine in black and white made them much smaller.

Like any situation that has pros and cons, write them out.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Find all the possibilities and put them on paper.  Even if there is nothing you can do but sit there and look at it, the act of getting it out of your head will work wonders. 

The longer I wrote this morning, the clearer everything became.  I like when that happens.  It means I have my head in the right place again.  That’s when the fog lifts and my path opens up in front of me.


I have a new favorite song with this lyric: S is for the simple need. Is there anything simpler than need?

I need air to breathe. It is an involuntary action, automatic. Yes, you can control it. Ever tried meditating, or serious physical training? Breath control during those activities helps you achieve results.

I need shelter, too. I do know how to come in out of the rain so I don’t catch cold. But I also know that sometimes you need to run through a puddle and dance to the drumming of rain and thunder. I need food and water. My body will tell me if I’ve gone too long without eating or drinking anything. Its way of reminding me there’s more to life than work.

I need contact with other people. Conversation for starters. I can’t write about people without some examples to draw from. And I like a good conversation. Contact is more than just eavesdropping on people in the mall or grocery store. It’s the innocent touch of someone’s hand on my shoulder, a kiss on the cheek from a child, a hug from a friend, a lover’s caress on my back. Physical touch is as important as an emotional connection. It reminds us that we are living, breathing, feeling creatures.

If you go too long without one of these needs your body lets you know. One way or another we will have to find what we need. That’s the part that isn’t so simple…..