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May I Have Your Attention…

Hi! I’m creating a new blog. I hope you all will follow me over at that blog. I’ll post links to it here for a while before I stop posting altogether on here. The new page is spellboundscribbler.wordpress.com and please feel free to share it. I just posted my first blog at spellboundscribbler. Come on over and take a look!


Still kicking…

I survived the move. More or less. I’m staying with friends for a bit while I find something I can live with for a long time to come. It works. I still haven’t stopped sneezing. Decided to go for full-blown bronchitis. But I’m heavily medicated so we should be right as rain soon. Now that the move is over (for now), I’m trying to get back into my writing. I made sure not to pack all mytough writing gear into the storage unit. I have been making notes on a new alien story. I don’t usually write aliens but I can’t get this idea out of my head. I’ve let it stew long enough that it’s about ready for a full outline and some serious writing. It’s funny and has a point and I am liking this idea a lot. Now I just need to stop coughing…

Spring Cleaning

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying. Isn’t it a little early for that? To give you a quick answer, No! I’ve decided not to buy the little house I’ve been staying in. It’s not so little and a bitch to keep warm and tons of stuff need fixed or freshened up. I’m just not that in love with the house.

That means I’m packing again. But it’s not just packing up all the stuff I have. I’m cleaning out, too. I’m asking myself if I really need all those empty binders and notebooks. Do I really need to keep the two dozen magazines I’ve not looked at in over a year? Do I need two dozen pairs of shoes when I only have about four pairs I wear regularly? How much stuff am I holding on to simply because I remember growing up without a lot of stuff? Cleaning-a-Window

Don’t get me wrong. My brother and I had everything we truly needed as kids. But we didn’t get a lot of the stuff we wanted because it wasn’t possible. So I’m cleaning out boxes and drawers and notebooks. I’m packing up the stuff I will use and need. I am not packing the other stuff. The fluff and detritus of 43 years. I’m trimming the fat, so to speak. And once I stop sneezing from all the dust, it’s going to feel really good.

Summer is here

Yep, the summer solstice and a super moon are coming up.  Kids are out of school, people are taking vacations.  What are you doing?

I have a break from college classes right now.  I’m trying to catch up on reading, writing, craft projects, movies, friends.  My OCD is still keeping tabs on me, though.  I have a to-do list.  Coming up I have a book review, a couple of interviews and a friend is guest blogging for me at Voluted Tales.  I’m editor for nonfiction now.  Should be fun.

I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do next.  I want to read but I also want to write.  I have movies to watch while I work on my craft projects.  Yesterday I ended up just taking a nap.  Sleep is very underrated.

Whatever you end up doing as we head into summer, be sure to share some happiness with those around you.

Get your hands dirty…

*(That is not a sexual innuendo.  Shocker!  )*

I had forgotten how messy chalk pastels could be.  Reminded myself today and had more fun than should be possible doing a line study.  All I was doing was drawing lines of various widths in different colors.  But I was making something, creating something.  And I was getting my hands dirty.

When was the last time you did something not work-related that you enjoyed while making a thorough mess?  I’m talking dirty hands, sweaty, smudges on your face kinda dirty.  Do you remember?  Did you enjoy it?

I’ve been looking at the box of chalks for over a week now.  They got quite loud over the weekend.  “Take us out! Let’s make a picture!”  It’s been a very long time since I got artsy.  Yes, I forgot how much dust you make with chalks, and how the colors smudge on your fingers.

I also forgot the simply joy of putting color on paper in a pattern all my own.  I’ve been rediscovering a lot of things about myself lately.  The one I enjoy the most is how much I love to create things.  Several of my friends found out recently that I sew.  Now there’s talk of making costumes.  And I have my sketch pad and chalks, among other things.

I think the art exhibit I saw during my recent trip to the science center helped relight this spark of creativity.  I found a quote from Joss Whedon yesterday that sums it up nicely:  Write it.  Shoot it.  Publish it.  Crochet it, saute it, whatever.  MAKE.

What are you making today?


A slow day…

I’ve been crocheting for a couple of days on some projects for a friend who is expecting.  I like making things, creating something.  Not only do I have something beautiful when I’m done, but it gives me time to sit still.  I rarely sit still unless I’m writing or crafting.

I don’t meditate as much as I should so it has given me time for some reflection.  That’s a good thing.  Right?  It might be if it didn’t feel like I had so many people in my head.  There are at least four in there with all sorts of issues that need to be addressed.

Unfortunately they are not characters in any of my stories.  Maybe I should use them as characters.  Would they recognize themselves?  Probably not.  It’s been a slow day.  Guess I will just keep sewing…