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May I Have Your Attention…

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A red door…

We all have issues…problems we have to deal with.  The difference is in how we approach them.  Some people are oblivious to the fact they have a problem.  They talk about things that happened in their past and then don’t see the connection when the same issues are in their present.  They feel they are just fine the way they are.  If somebody else has an issue with them, it is always the other person’s problem.  And not seeing a problem, they see nothing that needs to be fixed.

There are also people who recognize their problems and feel that they are unfixable.  Whatever happened in their past that set up the baggage and issues they have now are so monumental that they could never possibly get over it or work through any of it.  They wear a mask for the general public and never let anyone close enough to see the real person behind it.  When they do come across someone who may actually care enough to pry off the mask they run like scalded dogs as far and fast as possible in the opposite direction.

Then there are the lucky few who recognize the need to not only admit their issues but to work through them.  They start letting go of past baggage and realize how much lighter, happier, healthier they feel.  It’s like being a teenager again.  All that wasted energy and happiness build up inside until you feel no choice but to let it out.  You want everyone around you to be as happy as you are.

If you’re like me, when you find that happiness, you don’t have a lot of patience for people who seem to enjoy wallowing in their misery.  Don’t tell me you know what the problem is and then refuse to try and do anything to fix it.  Don’t tell me how unhappy you are, how depressed you feel, and then refuse to talk about things that might help you feel better.

If you want my help, ask for it and then accept what’s offered.  If you want me to understand you, talk to me.  But above all else, be honest with yourself about what the problem is and whether or not you want to fix it.  If you don’t want to be fixed, don’t invite me in.  Because once you open that door I will walk through it.


Who’s at the door?


How easily do you make friends?  Not just an acquaintance, but a friend.  How long do you need to know someone before you call them a friend?  How well do you need to know them? 

There are as many variables to answering those questions as there are people on the planet.  Upbringing, where you live, religion, occupation, the amount of evil you’ve encountered in the world, past relationships… These are just scratching the surface.  One thing they all have in common is trust.

How easy is it for you to trust someone?  Do you trust yourself?  Trusting ourselves is the hardest thing to do, harder even than loving ourselves.  No matter how well-adjusted we think we are, every decision we’ve ever made is sitting in the back of our minds just waiting to remind us of making a bad choice.  But it’s okay to make bad choices.  That’s how we learn to make the right ones.  The trick is to forgive yourself for making a bad choice.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we are not always in control of how we choose.  Extenuating circumstances do exist, especially when we’re younger.  Children have limited experience based on what’s in their immediate surroundings.  In most cases, children have very little say in the choices made.

I’ve mentioned before that I was attacked when I was younger.  Regardless to the type of abuse or the age of those involved, when that happens your choice is taken away from you.  You cannot carry around guilt or shame for anything that was done to you when you were a child.  I still have moments where I’m not comfortable around certain people.  But I know it was not my fault.  And I will not live in fear of a “what if.”

Those situations make it nearly impossible to trust anyone.  But it can be done if you keep your mind and your heart open.  You can’t close yourself off or you will dry up and die on the inside.

Our relationships affect how we trust.  Ever had a bad break-up?  Have you taken a close look at what happened?  Even over short periods of time, people change.  Sometimes we grow apart, or our likes and dislikes didn’t mesh well, or… Oh hell, you know as well as I do that list could go on forever.

The point is that we all get hurt at some point.  What do you do when it happens?  Do you close yourself off?  Lock the door tight against anyone else who might possibly dare to want to know you?  Is that really fair to yourself?

Not every person is alike.  I’m fond of saying that I’m brutally honest.  And I am.  Don’t ask me a question unless you really want an answer.  And I am as honest with myself as I am with everyone around me.  I thought the world would end when the ex left me.  But it didn’t.  I won’t let that experience ruin the possibility of meeting someone who might love as strongly as I do.

I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and flung the door wide open.  It wasn’t something that happened instantly.  If you read back through some of my older blogs you’ll see that it was a progression.  I used my blog to be brutally honest with myself, to hone that edge.  And I use it to break through locks and doors that I put in my way.

Yes, I admit, sometimes I use it to break down other people’s doors.  I can’t help myself.  I have to remind myself quite often that not everyone is ready for the door to open.  So, sometimes I knock.  Other times I knock really hard.  People cross our path for a reason.  We may never know why, but I believe it for a fact.  Don’t give me a little detail and then not expand on it.  I will knock on that door until it opens or breaks down in front of me.

When I meet someone new, I usually know pretty quick if they are someone I want to know better.  Unless they have a damn good reason not to be friendly, I will knock and knock until they open up.  Sometimes I find out something new about myself.  Sometimes I learn a new way of helping people around me.  And sometimes I find a person that is so beautiful on the inside, but they don’t see it for themselves.

We all have damage in our past.  If it doesn’t do anything for your present, don’t carry it into your future.  Leave it at the door.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, When one door closes another door opens.  When you hear someone knocking, take a peek.  It may be yourself you see on the other side.