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Mary, Mary, quite contrary…

It’s that time again.  Spring cleaning.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Days with 30 degree changes in temperature from morning to night.  Tree pollens leaving a pale golden haze on your windshield.  Are you sneezing yet?

I love spring.  Seriously.  My allergies are year round so I might as well be happy with a season and I chose spring.  I love the fall, too, but spring is my time. The rain, the gardening, the neighbor waking everyone up with his leaf blower.

I’ve always found digging in the dirt to be rather soothing.  It’s therapeutic to break the soil apart, clearing away the weeds to give a small green baby a new home.  Watching plants grow can be very satisfying.

What kind of spring activities are you starting?  Cleaning out closets, new flower beds, painting the house, organizing your gnome collection?  Whatever you do, make it something that has a purpose, a meaning that resonates within you.  It’s more than just clearing cobwebs.  It’s removal of the last year’s baggage.  It’s a fresh start, a new adventure.

So tell me, how does your garden grow….