Make it so….

I’ve always heard that patience is a virtue.  In that case, I’m far from being virtuous!  Patience is not my strong suit.  Anyone who has known me for a long time can attest to that.

Recently I’ve noticed that I have even less patience in some situations.  I have always been the friend everyone came to when they needed a sympathetic ear or advice on whatever was causing their angst of the moment.  I’m usually pretty good at listening and offering helpful advice and, when needed, actual constructive criticism. (I do my best to take it.  Don’t be hatin’…)

I have little patience anymore for pity parties.  If you want to discuss an issue and find ways to work through it and be proactive, I’m all for it.  But please, don’t come to me whining about how awful everything is and then not be willing to do anything to fix your situation.

I’m a Libra, so I can evaluate both sides of anything.  I’ll help you see things you may have missed, or just didn’t realize.  Have the decency not to complain about how hard it may be.  Nothing worth having is ever easy.  So either shit or get off the pot.

Another thing that’s bugging me…..  Ever have the feeling like something is about to happen?  But it hasn’t yet, and you’re wondering ‘Did I imagine that?’  Sometimes you just know somebody has something to say.  It’s written all over their face.  But do they tell you what’s on their minds?  Nooooooo!  For crying out loud, People, speak up.!

I guess what makes me so impatient about it is that I finally figured out that I am tired of waiting for things to happen.  I’m starting to get more proactive myself, slowly but surely.  I’m trying to make things happen instead of waiting for them.  I’m in a position in my life where I CAN make things happen.  It still may not be as quickly as I’d like, but I’m getting there.

So what can I help you make happen today….


…just curious….

Do you ask a lot of questions?  When you come across something new do you just give it a passing glance or will you dig and search for all the information you can?  Do you quietly surf over to Google and search when nobody’s around?  Or do you ask everybody you know for their take on it?

I’ve often told people “I’m a writer, it makes me nosy.”  And I do feel that questions are like orgasms, there are always more.  My favorite game is 20 Questions and I like to play it a lot.  I like to learn new stuff.

Two unrelated events have recently occurred in my life.  I’m getting to know a new friend, driving him nuts with a zillion questions.  He asks me a lot of questions, too, which I like.  The other event is that I’ve discovered a new facet of myself that I suspected was there, but had never looked too closely at.

Now I’m driving myself crazy with questions.  What do I like about it?  What do I not?  How far am I willing to push my limits?  I’m ready for a change.  Now is as good a time as any for some experimenting.  I’m meeting new people who feel the same way, and finding some old friends who are experimenting as well.

Sticking with the same old thing may be safe, but you end up in a rut.  We need change to learn and grow.  We need to push those limits we impose on ourselves.  I like testing my limits.  I usually learn something cool in the process.